Saturday, 25 August 2012

Time Trialling - Stuck in the slow lane

We are in a golden age of cycling in Britain. There has been a recession beating growth in bicycles sales. British Athletes dominated the velodrome since 2008 and now we can boast, the current Mens World Road Race champion, Tour De France Winner, a silver in the Women's Olympic road race, and the gold in the mens time trial.

On the back of this time trialling is thriving, with events full, and new one springing up all the time. New faces are getting their first taste of racing every week. Apart from they arn't and time trialing isn't.

A couple of weeks ago, in the glow of Wiggins Olympic triumph the KCA 50 had fewer than 50 starters on a nice warm if slightly breezy morning. Last week on a decent course less that 40 riders contested the Old Ports 25 on what was a float morning. This weekend the Sussex CA 25 has fewer entries than last year.

This defies logic. What is preventing this branch of our sport taking flight?