Saturday, 15 September 2012

Don't do it Ricky

Boxing has always seemed like a sport that one should retire from young. For those with the talent, make the cash, look after it and retire with a nest egg. It is a risky game, where even the top guys can get seriously damaged.
To that end I am sad to read the Ricky Hatton is giving it another go. He will make money, his fame and stature will ensure that. The big purse does not always go the the fight between the best, it goes to the fighters who can attract the biggest crowd. Mike Tyson continued to be great box office long after he had shifted from being a champion to pantomime villain.
Hatton is a better human being than Mike Tyson. After the tales of cocaine addiction and fights with his dad, it is easy to see why he would want to win his self respect back. As a great boxer, it is easy to see why at return to the ring looks like the way to do it. However history tells us that he is unlikely to match past glories, and it could all end as a humiliating car crash, or worse.
Ricky, take a step back.