Monday, 24 September 2012

Karma - its the little things

Sometimes in life one just has to take it on the chin. Sometimes, just sometimes the big sack of fate swings around and clobbers the other guy.
2 nil down at home, Palace were labouring away, and the despondent support could just fume and rant. Cardiff  had nothing to do  but sing and taunt Dougie Freedman while their players ran the clock down. When the ball flew into the midst of their support, of course there was nothing more hilarious for them to do than keep it. For a long minute or so happy people from Wales tossed the ball amongst themselves. Finally just as another ball had been found they returned it, just in time to delay the restart of play.
All the home support could do was make rude gestures and moan.
Half an hour later, by some strange miracle, Palace were not only resurgent but sitting on a 3-2 lead, as the ball arched into the noisy  home support in the Holmesdale. Did they return the ball in a sporting way to allow the game to continue swiftly. Did they f......
The golden rule - he who laughs last.....