Saturday, 1 September 2012

Radio CRO

Spent an hour with Tim and Tracey at Croydon Radio this morning. The station went live in June and it is great to see what has been achieved. A short walk from Reeves Corner but a millions miles from the negative images of last year.

My interest was via Waterstones. They had come up with the idea of interviewing writers who were coming into do signings. A win win  for all involved.

What struck me was the huge potential Croydon Radio has for anyone who has a passion or an interest they what to share. Basically if there is a programme you want to make there is a decent chance they can help. They are particulary interested in themes that promote what is great in Croydon, but they don't set many limits on what that could be. They cover music, poetry, current affairs, comedy and factual stuff about what is going on.

Despite it all being voluntary they are set up with a really professional approach. I probably spoiled that with my contribution to the show.

My added bonus for going down was a lovely cappuccino in the Cafe at Matthews Yard. A cracking space to read and chill.