Sunday, 16 September 2012

Jon T-Locked in on the Tour of Britain

Thrilled that Jonathan Tiernan-Locke kept it togther to take the Tour of Britain today. First British rider to do so in its relaunched form and against arguably the most prestigious field we have seen for our domestic tour.
The fact that Tiernan-Loche did it riding for Endura Racing, one of the home based squads, when there were several Pro-Tour Teams represented, made it all the sweeter. The British Cycling production line has done so much for our sport in recent years, all the same it is nice to see somebody fighting their way up the old way.
Of couse seeing Cav taking stages in the Rainbow jersey was great, but hey, it is what the guys does. Tiernan-Locke's story is incredible, side lined for years with due to a virus, having to work his way up from the bottom on his return, then this year picking up a whole batch of stage race wins.
The fact that he is a proper climber just adds to the excitement about what he could do next. People seem to be talking about him as another Robert Millar.
We will have to see, but it is great to think about.