Monday, 10 September 2012

Tour of Britain - And the winner is, erm, well hmmm

Maybe with the Tour de France and the Olympics I got too used to things not being a bit rubbish. The Tour of Britain and the ITV 4 coverage has dealt with that.
 Yesterday the covege just burbled away to the likes of Rob Hayles rather than giving any meaningful info on who the teams were and who might win. Then when Cav crashed, they gave up filming the race in preference to watching he Manx Missile stand around looking pissed off. It was almost as an afterthought that they cameras went back to the race.
The commentators then  spent long minutes not sure what to say, unsure even if it was Luke Rowe who had won, and could not produce any general classicification.
Now we all know that Eurosport can do this stuff in their sleep, so it cannot be that hard.
Then today the organisors get in on the act. Getting Luke Rowe onto the podium to hand him the leaders jersey. All well and good. But he was not the leader!! It was Boy Van Poppel. They did not know who the leader was. Sorry, that is poor.
Please we have an opportunity to push onto another level with cycling in the country. Can we get our act together please.