Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Truth and the UCI

I was reading a great review of Tyler Hamilton's autobiography. I have to say that if telling the truth feels as good as Tyler tells us, it is a shame he did not start a bit earlier. However one of the ideas being kicked around the in the article was that cycling needs a truth and reconcilliation commission like that in post aparthied South Africa.

Now whatever professional cyclings issues are, I don't think they are akin to the challenge of unpicking the wrongs of aparthied. However of all the ideas being mooted since Lance retreated to the Alamo this does seem the most workable. Alternative ideas seemed to revolve around deleting the last twenty years from history, or awarding tours to the one as yet unbanned rider in the top twenty.

So basically, come forward tell all and you get absolved seems a sensible way forward. Name the names and clean out the wound. Whether of not the UCI will ever have the guts to wash its dirty laundry thoroughly is another question. It always feels that are more damage limition, than truth and reconcilliaton. They seem happier thinking up new and exciting things to sue Paul Kimmage for. Hey Mr McQuaid shall we try 'being an Irish bloke who tells us things we don't like hearing.' Bingo.

There is also the cheering news that the 2016 UCI world Championship will be hosted by Qatar. It will be great. Just a short journey and we will be  able to stand by the side of the road cheering on the riders, surrounded by thousands of passionate cycling fans, while drinking a cold beer. Oh bugger that's not Qatar, I was confusing it with Belgium.