Monday, 17 September 2012

Welfare Reform

Maybe I should not read too much into coverage in The Guardian but it does look like both the delivery of Welfare Reform and its consequences are moving up the agenda.
I have always assumed that welfare reform is not a big vote winner for the Coalition, at the same time not a big risk. This is not like the Poll Tax where the middle classes were impacted. However, clearly a chaotic implementation would be bad news.
There is much whispering in the sector that the DWP's project is not running to timetable coupled with the story that Cameron would have like to have moved IDS along.
The reports today  that the number of households in B&B is on the increase has to be a cause for alarm from all sides. The cost of providing emergency housing in B&B is huge, and wasteful. The impact on the families who are placed in this housing is horrendous. Is this a blip or the shape of things to come as Councils try to balance off their statutory obligations to the homeless against the changing welfare landscape?