Monday, 24 September 2012

Whiter Shade of Pale

Now I am probably not the heaviest consumer of grooming and beauty products. Well apart from the stuff we cyclists use to strip the hair from our legs. But there cannot be many people on the right side of sanity who think that 'Lactacyd White Intimate' is anything but and bizarre waste of money.

What does it do? I makes you genitals whiter. And the purpose being? It apparently matters in Thailand where being dark is associated with working in the fields, which I presume is not seen as a positive. So people don't want to be accused of harbouring a farme'rs vag.  Given that I doubt that people work in the fields in the buff, the darkness or otherwise of ones intimate bits seems rather a strange thing to worry about.

Madam, put the bottle back on the shelf and go and spend the money on something nice that you will enjoy.

There is probably some rather horrible shadism behind this, but I am not qualified to comment.