Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Whoever you vote for.....the government wins, maybe

I am no lover of Michael Gove or George Osborne. In fact Osborne does such a perfect job of looking like a pantomime villain that I am sure he is kept on to make rest of the cabinet look more user friendly.  I have to say a found the booing of him at the Paralympics a bit wearisome, especially as Gordon Brown got a cheer. Like the dull anarchists who threw water over John Prescott way back when.
Come on guys it was not that long ago people were queuing up to check rotten fruit at poor old Gord.
What worries me is that despite the short comings of Osborne and his colleagues there is a empty space where a credible opposition should be. It is like Neil Kinnock had won the 1992 election but with the roles reversed. We have a weak Tory led government, managing problems that go far beyond our own borders, facing a labour party who still have a huge amount of sorting out to do before they are ready.