Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Free Transfer and Globalise this

It probably says something meaningful about our globalised existence that we have international footballers being courted by several nations for their allegiance. It probably says something depressing but understandable about England that turning out for Finland, Jamaica or Ivory Coast could be a more appealing option.

But maybe, what is revealed is that nationhood is really like being a football supporter. Once we never travelled far and supported our local team. Now there are fervent Man U fans in Kaula Lumpar. Once we were kind of stuck with our country of birth, so we may as well make the best of it. Now with a following wind we can blow around the planet, wherever we lay our ipad that's our home.

As one who tends to find even benign displays of nationalism a bit tricky this is quite a refreshing concept. So given this idea I started musing about if not England, which  nation would I choose? Belgium kind of appealed but they are a bit strange. I think that Flanders/Walloon split has something to do with it. Ghana? Nice people, don't eat the salad.  After about 3 minutes consideration of the Lonely Planet Guides in my book case I came to a conclusion. Like following Palace, I have been English so long now I am kind of stuck with it.

I hope for the sake of having a watchable England side over the next few years Raheem and Wilfred make a similar choice.