Friday, 2 November 2012

Goodbye Danny Baker

It is funny that when Danny Baker arrived on radio it heralded the era when aweful gorgons like DLT, Simon Bates and Mike Read noisily threw themselve off air. It is 20 years later Danny Bakers turn to feel the reapers sythe and it is nice in its way that he has taken it we no more grace then is forebares.

There was a time I listened to his shows, but he was the voice of modern radio 20 years ago. There is only so long this stuff stays fresh. The BBC cost cutting comments I guess are an excuse, as his £300 per show fee that has been quoted is hardly going to save the Corporation. My assumption is that he just sounded to much like yesterday for a station trying to stay relevant.

Bad luck mate, but it comes to all of us in the end. Rage into the dying of the light.