Friday, 2 November 2012

Never Loved Star Wars

On the list of my childhood disappointments from 1970's somewhere below Chessington Zoo but above Vimto stands Star Wars. All the hype and the oppressive pier pressure. I still clearly remember the feeling of is that it? It was serviceable fun, but not  that much better than Logans Run. All the sequels and then the prequels were just so much evidence of the law of diminishing returns.

At school I remember Renato saying 'oh might be 6 episodes'. I dismissed this, only for him to be proved right twenty odd years on.

I grew up to mistrust those with any overt enthusiasm for it. I really cannot believe anyone is looking forward to yet another bit of this dull old biscuit. If we are lucky there will be more racist stereotype characters this time. The I can at least enjoy George Lucas being roundly abused.