Sunday, 4 November 2012

New Season Starts Here

First weekend in November is when Ioffically start thinking about the next season's cycling. Got hopes for doing a big ride in Europe, and finally getting my timetrialing together for the first time sine 2009.

After the Maratona and watching the Tour  2012 fizzled out for me, and the last couple months doping confession and denialathon is best described as waring. So a great time to be making a new start.

To get things up and running for 2013 had planned to tackle a Wiggle Sportive around the Devil's punchbowl. Give that I have barely touched the bike in the last month the idea was to give myself a sharp wake up call.

Anyway, set off with rain beating down, by the time we got to the M25 cars were sending up huge swooshes of spray and I could feel the wind dragging at the bikes on the roof. Decided at that point discretion was the better part of valour and turned for home.

So 2013 season preparation  got started today with an hour on the Turbo, with the power meter laughing I my pathetic efforts.

Ok everyone, sing up
'Things can only get better'