Saturday, 10 November 2012

Newsnight as Toast?

I guess that after the collapse of the allegations against Robert McAlpine some will claim that Newsnight is damned if they broadcast damned if they don't.
It is time for all the media to stop and think what good is it actually doing with this stuff. My guess is that Newsnight were desperate for a big win following the Savile case and the case in Wales looked to fit the bill. The fact it involved allegations against a senior Tory must have helped to. Not just boring old everyday abuse, that does not get the spotlight.
Where have we got to? A victim of abuse, and a falsely accused alleged abuser have been ill used to put it mildly. This is and probably never was about supporting victims of abuse. Instead we will get more of our press fighting like rats in a barrel and bottom feeder MP's trying to draw attention to themselves.
It would be nice now if somebody, or publication could show a bit of leadership and guide us out of this swamp.