Sunday, 30 December 2012

2013 Season within reach

Ahhh, nice steady club run on the bike today, but 2013 starts with a bang on the 6th with the West Kent Reliabiltiy Trial. 50 or 60 lumpy horrible miles and what will probably be lousy road, fighting to stay in the bunch because knowing that getting dropped not only means failure, it also means probably being absolutely lost in the middle of nowhere.

These are wonderful old school events. Cheap and cheerful, a throw back to an era before gps and chip timings. There are four of these local to me over the next month of so, West Kent, followed by the Bexley CC, my own dearest OPCC on 3rd of Feb, followed by Sydenham Wheelers.  That then moves seamlessly into the start of the Time Trial season on what are laughingly called 'sporting' courses. Normally hilly, dreadful roads played out in weather that is either wet, freezing or both. All of this should deliver me fit and raring to go by the end of March. That is the plan anyway.

There is part of me that likes the deardful weather and the crap roads. The pleasure of getting back soaked and filthy to a hot drink and bacon roll in a warm village hall, and talking old bollocks with you mates. Fantastic.

I love the early part of the cycling season, not just as a rider but as a fan. Milan San Remo, the Cobbled classics and the race to the sun. All before the Giro is even a twinkling in the cycling fans eye.

Bring it on.