Thursday, 6 December 2012

Gosh- The Price of Fame

Winning the Turner Prize has got to be the biggest and coolest endorsement an artist can get from the critics. I think Elizabeth Price's work makes her a brilliant winner. But that she was a member back in the mists of time of possibly the most critically derided band in British history, Talulah Gosh makes me even happier.

Others have said it already, but Talulah Gosh's no macho, melodic pop made them easy meat for the music press back in the mid 80's. This was all pretty unfair. Listen to their signature song, Talulah Gosh and is is far from shoddy. It was an era when their were precious few woman being taken seriously in the likes of NME and Melody Maker, when they were desperate for the next boysy bunch to come along and help them shift papers.

I kind of feel is a kind of circuitous validation that Price now is the critical toast of the town.