Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Pop Up Stores, Just for Christmas

Read about Pickles Plaza, a Pop up store serving staff from the DCLG. The aim is to promote pop up stores, a trend it is hoped will be the cavalry coming over the hill for our highstreets. They will at least make a change from chicken shops, betting emporia and those nice Marie Curie people.

Lets be blunt, we have had pop up stores going back to the medieval market. They are called stalls. And for the consumer pop up stores have exactly the same problem. Getting a refund.

Its Christmas, we are buying stuff our relatives don't want. That is fine if the jumper comes from Marks, it is nearly as good has hard currency. But if I treat my nearest and dearest to a nice scarf from the pop up shop in the Whitgift (£5 each or 3 for £12!!!) if these little scamps have popped off in two weeks time how will they get their money.