Saturday, 1 December 2012

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

So Movember has come to a close. In my office the women in the finance department all came in sporting fake tashes in support of the their male colleague. At a recent club run the array for facial hair made us look like refugees from the Boer War.

Movember is a fun way to raise money for a good cause. But is was another event that really caught my eye this week. In I think Toronto there was an event 'Walk a mile in her shoes.' It was an event where men, by walking a mile in womens shoes demonstrated their support for victims of domestic and gender violence. I was taken by this funny playful idea. The sight of big blokes in business suits and red stilletos was great. Gender and domestic violence is a topic we dodge, often marginalised as a 'womens issue.'

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes was a brilliant way for men  to show some solidarity and raise awareness.

A cynical friend suggested the event probably attracted the kind of man that enjoys wearing womens shoes. Well if it does thats cool. For me it would be pure martyrdom.

Follow the link and take a look.