Saturday, 15 December 2012

Wiggins Vs Froome?!

So Brad, having said he would target the Giro, and talked about helping Chris Froome for the Tour has decided that all the team stuff is well and good. But hey he wants to defend his crown after all.

In this years tour when Brad was the sole leader, probably the biggest threat came from the man pacing him up the climbs. Brad's talk now of maybe having joint leaders seems a recipe for unhappiness but not necessarily disaster. The track record of teams with joint leaders or two top dogs is interesting. Cunaego and Simioni, Ullrich and Riise had Oedipal moments. Of course the LeMonde Vs Badger stuff is legend. However in these cases at least somebody from that team won.

But are their any good examples of where two top guys on a team fought each other and by doing so let another team take the prize? Based on the Vuelta if Contador and one or two others come into the tour in top form the Sky boys would be well advised to have a clear plan otherwise who is leader could become pretty academic as the gradient ramps up.