Sunday, 20 January 2013

Armstrong, It was really nothing

So Lance has come clean, a bit. Kind of washing his hands, without soap. The grime remains,visible to anyone who cares to look.   Consensus seems to be that it was too little too late and his performance was not enough. Maybe redemption in the Oprah sense was never on the cards. With a Tiger Woods it is all about a disastrous personal life tainting the sporting legend. This kind of cry for forgiveness works because what we loved them for still kind of exists.
To the extent anyone loved Lance it was about his sporting achievement with the backdrop of his battle with cancer. Tear away he sporting triumph and what is left to care for? A charmless driven man?

Part of his battle with the press especially the cycling press reminds me or Morrissey's travails with the NME. A star so huge he dominates a genre, that like Morrissey front page, a Lance front page will shift units in way nobody else will. But like with Morrissey the relationship is tainted, largely due to the actions and words of the icon themselves.