Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Quiet Cait Reilly

She describes herself as shy and probably could not do more with her appearance to make herself look the part of the retiring introvert. Also the glasses, pale skin and bookish demeanour made it easy to imply she was being precious, a job snob. It is interesting reading her talking about her role in the Poundland workfare case. One of the interesting aspects of Susan Cain's book, Quiet, was its discussion of Rosa Parks. How an introvert stood up to authority in such a clear yet quiet way.
Cait Reilly's role around her work placement is not in Park's league, but there are parallels.
I would guess she is in for a further rough ride now she is back in the spotlight. While a paper like the Guardian is supportive I am sure those on the right will not trouble themselves in seeing the fine grain of the story.
Reilly did not need work experience in Poundland as she already had lots of work experience in this area. Nor was she sitting on her bum waiting for the perfect job to come along. She had set up her own placement at a museum getting experience in the area she actually needed for her career.
It is a testament to her strength that she was willing to go against her natural shyness to highlight a nonsensical policy and see it through.