Sunday, 17 February 2013

This is a Journey into Cheese

There are plenty of nice restaurants around but sometimes one finds somewhere genuinely special. Last Night L'Art Du Fromage was special, and in so many ways. They have a nice traditional French menu but running parallel to this is a journey into the world of cheese with lovely selections (the Cloche offering 16 to enjoy, 16), Fondue and Raclette. That the food was lovely and they recommended a beautiful wine to go with it was only part of the story. It's a small place where the proprietor exudes a cheerful passion for his food along with a natural gift for customer care. Lovely little touches (glass of champaign while we waited for our table, a delicious cheese and mushroom amuse bouche, a liqueur at the end that can old be described as being hit with a raspberry fist) came throughout.
I love that they are doing their own thing. The is no generic French place. The focus on cheese and more traditional earthy dishes means it sets out its stall as somewhere different. It was gone midnight when we stumbled into the night. Wonderful stuff.