Thursday, 4 April 2013

Punks and Hate Crime

It is interesting that Police in Manchester are considering attacks on people from alternative sub cultures as hate crimes. Specifically they are thinking about punks and goths, Emo kids and metalers. This has come about because of the murder of a young woman because of her goth appearance. The are a couple of thing that strike me from this. Firstly that the things that were once seen a transient teenage fashions are now established cultural groups. I sensed this at couple of years back at a Ska festival, that around this music there was a culture that saw itself as in some way distinct from the rest if the world. Not just music and clothes but an attitude. That such groups are now so established and clearl defined that the Police could make this decision I think is a mark of a small but significant change in how we live.
Also while it is deeply depressing that a young woman should be killed because of her appearance, this does seem a very positive reaction by Police in Manchester.