Sunday, 28 April 2013

What Have Wiggle Got Against Cycling Clubs?

Anyone who is into Cycling or Tri will know of Wiggle, the online retailer and event organisers. We like their good service and even better prices. While they are not great news for the old fashioned local bike shop the boom in the sport has meant there is enough to go around for everyone.

But today I heard that they seem to have a down on cycling clubs. A friend completed their Up and Down Sportive, a lumpy ride around the Surrey Hills. At the finish one of their reps approached her to give an interview for use in promotion. The person then spotted her Old Ports club jersey and changed their mind because 'it is not normally our policy to interview riders in club kit'. The explanation 'It has got us into trouble in the past'.

This just seems weird.  Ok if I was wearing and Evans, Pearson or Butlers top I could kind of see the issue but  hey come on.