Monday, 13 May 2013

Police Questioning - Helping with enquiries

Pick pocketing is a nasty crime, and one that I assume thrives in crowded places. It is reassuring to read that Police in Wales are tackling it. I was reading this morning that people turning up to a gig by The Vaccines were being refused entry if they could not name the bands lead singer. According to the story this did lead  to some holding an £18 ticket being turned away. This may sound bizarre but it is not unique.
I encountered this slightly Heath Robinson approach to security in 1996. Palace were playing Charlton in the Play-offs. I got out of the train at Norwood Junction and emerged to see a large number of Police.
One pointing at me barked 'You, stand over there. On that line'. I was puzzled but stood on the bit of yellow line as ordered.
'Can I see your ticket'. In the post Hillsborough world I kind of got that they wouldn't welcome loads of people arriving without tickets but I don't like being ordered about and felt a bit self conscious. Crowds were passing and staring at me, or that is what it felt like.
Then the Palace trivia quiz started.
'Who's the Palace goal keeper?' Easy enough, 'Nigel Martyn'
But that was just for starters, he  soon upped the ante. 'Who was Arthur Waite' My entry to the game now hinged on being familiar with who was the club's Chairman 25 years ago. I bumbled out some vaguely correct answer. Grudgingly satisfied the Officer allowed me to go to the game.