Monday, 13 May 2013

Social Housing - The Glamour

'There is one more place I can think of to try, then I am going to give up'. Two hours wandering around the estate and my Neighbourhood Manager was ready to throw in the towel. We had checked playgrounds and walkways, the paved areas by the lake. There had been some traces but no more than that. Our hunt for evidence of dog fouling had failed to come up with the goods.

In a survey our residents told us that they wanted us to do something about dog nuisance. We enshrined this in our neighbourhood strategy and have a range for graphic posters to ram home the message. ( I did ban the use of a poster showing a young child eating a chocolate ice cream baring the legend 'children will put anything in their mouths').

To be honest the team were less than thrilled to know that dog mess was going to be a key objective for 2013, now out on the estate we couldn't bloody find any! Never mind back to focus on illicit rubbish dumping, inconsiderate disposal of cigarette ends and noisy neighbours. The romance, the glamour.