Thursday, 16 May 2013

Wiggo - Plan B

Clearly the Giro is not going quite as Garmin or Sky hoped. Seeing team players from both squads being given the go ahead to take stage wins for themselves suggests a clear shift to Plan B. If Ryder or Brad were looking good all the sidemen would be under strict orders.

The stories of Wiggo's chest infection hint that the towel is being thrown in. Will he abandon or labour through? Lets see. It is probably bad news for Froome though. Even if Wiggo publicly offers his support in the tour he will be hungry for redemption.

But there is another thing. Even in the British cycling media Sir Brad seems somewhat less admired than one might expect. The jokes about his timorous descending have been  a little short of repactful. Cav can  be Prima Donna and a leader of men, both at the same time. He seems that kind of charismatic presence. Wiggo, and to be honest Froome feel more like men alone. Maybe more akin to Stephen Roche than Lance or The Badger. We shall see.