Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Punk Footnotes #6 Osaka Ramones

While I am on the theme, here are another band that imitate both sincerely and wildly inaccurately the work of one of the Punk originators. However that is where any connection between this lot and the Bollock Brothers ends.

Osaka Ramones are the alter egos of the Japanese pop punk Shonen Knife. It is this connection that actually reassures one that they are not in fact a racist joke cooked up by some cynic in London. Even clad in leather jackets as a tribute act the Osaka Ramones do not do a vary convincing imitation of the originals. There are three of them not four, they are very obviously not men, and they are well very Japanese. And unlike the Ramones they go about their work with a cheery sense of fun, rather than the feeling  that every 1-2-3-4 is an act of vengeance against a malign world.

But while I am sure it is lots of fun live I cannot imagine why anyone would want to possess this band on record. It does not take long before the helium voiced 'bwitskweeg bop' starts to grate, and the cultural significance of 'KKK took my baby away' to a Japanese audience is boggling. It just does seem a little bit too much effort barking up a slightly inappropriate tree. That said they seem to be having lots of fun and importantly seem very much alive, which in the grand scheme of things gives them the edge.