Thursday, 1 August 2013

Strava Virus

In +The Guardian today an article highlights a case from San Fransico where the family of a dead cyclist tried to sue Strava. Basically the case was the using the app made him ride recklessly. They lost but their argue ent has a superficial allure. You create urban courses (segments) where people can  compete to set a record time. People may then risk life and limb to break these records QED Strava is a menace.
The Court, accepted Strava's case the each rider takes responsibility for their own safety. But there is another dimension. Strava is simply providing a fun platform to do something I would guess every rider has done. Since the moment a victorian decided to bring together the pocket watch and the bicycle riders have tried to beat their best times. It is what we as human animals do. If somebody falls off in the process it is wrong headed to blame the watch.