Thursday, 26 September 2013

Duo Normand #1

I remember when I was eleven and went on the school trip to Belgium and Holland how the excitement built in the days leading up to departure until by the night before I couldn't sleep. I'm a bit of an old lag now but the sense of anticipation the night before heading off on a cycling trip never fails to tingle. No matter how trivial riding a bike might seem, entering a race in France, and going over there with the club always has that feeling of adventure. Along with the adventure is the feeling of  being part of where you are going. Not just a tourist but an active participant.
The Duo Normand is a fantastic event, racing  a 52 km course around the village of Marigny, in teams of two. Along with the rank armatures like me there will be a good few pro's showing how it should be done. Part of the appeal is that it is the same event for everyone. Well the pain goes on a bit longer for us, but you get what I mean.
The village really  pushes the boat out with closed roads, a banquet, a grandstand all t he trappings of a top event. The town embraces the event, in a way that is hard to imagine happening in the UK.
So up early in the morning.