Monday, 28 April 2014

Back Home? Addiscombe 25 27.4.14

Sunday's Addiscombe 25 was run on the G25/53 out of Broadbridge Heath. If there is any course I consider home this is it. It was where I did my first open TT (and went off course, turning back only when I saw the M23 slip road), and where a couple of years later on a lovely September morning  I went under the hour. If the rumours are true this course will not be around for much longer. Development in the area is happening apace, with new roundabouts and slip road appearing. Along with this major road works will be kicking in from the summer. All progress I guess but I will be sorry if the G25/53 is a casualty.

Not that the course exactly spoils us. Yesterday was wet with a wind that just seemed to never do you any favours. With lots of standing water it was as Bashers said, a day of 'tiptoe round the roundabouts' or risk ending up like Dan Martin in the L-B-L. However it nearly didn't happen for me. I got up in time, and was sitting reading the paper and eating breakfast. I checked my watch, 6.15, maybe should start thinking about leaving soon. It the dawned on me,  I was off at 7.32!! I reached the hall flustered at 7.10. Addiscombe's Andrew R Green kindly pinned my number on as I signed the start sheet. I the end I got a mighty 8 minute warm up riding to the start.

Bash was already on the road and Paul King was due to go off a little later. The upside of tearing around late was that I did not get the chance to brood on the crappy weather, and just got on with it. A couple of days before, Des at Cadence had worked on my position and warned me to expect it to feel a bit strange, but once I had finally warmed up and got into my stride it felt pretty good. I could have dug a bit deeper, but my 1.5.20 marked a bit more progress.

Paul King came in with a 1.4.47 but top dog was Bash with a 1.1.12, and excellent time on a tough day. Pete Tardros won well with a 53.49.