Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Goodbye Lance, well his glasses at least.

A few years ago I went to Vision Express and asked if the did prescription glasses for cycling. I think I was there for an eye test and was sick of going off course in TT's because I couldn't see where the marshal was sending me. The young man got very very excited and told me about the great Oakley flak jacket glasses. He came back with these. He was so thrilled to have a cyclist in the shop to sell them to I felt mean rejecting them simply because they were Livestrong. ( random thought, I think I remember David Attenborough explaining in life on earth that in nature yellow and black = poisonous, ie wasps). Also I was too lazy to go elsewhere and the bird in the hand thing.... Anyway, I purchased and after I managed to ride over my normal glasses by mistake, the Lance glasses became my main pair. Time moves on, and Lance has confessed (ish)  and  now some years down the road I just can't be doing with it anymore.  I love the Oakley's but have ordered a nice plain black frame this time. So goodbye to Lance, his glasses at least.