Sunday, 29 June 2014

Horsham 10 28.6.14

With a few hundred miles in my legs thanks to the Raid and the Tour of Wessex since I last raced I was pretty interested in seeing how would go in this one. I generally don't like 10's, they are over before I gave got started and a 2 hour round trip for less than 1/2 hours race never seems like a great return. But I was glad I had entered this one as one of my fellow Raiders was Alan Dolan from the Horsham CC. 
Three ports were on the start sheet, though Hugh turned out to be DNS. It left me and Paul King to defend the clubs honour. I felt good in the warm up, raiding my heart rate like clicking through gears. It was a decent morning, and we got it all done before the rain started, the rain that drenched the SEWTTS riders over on the H course in the PM.

Despite not having touched the TT bike in over a month I was comfortable, and was very satisfied with my 24.40. Paul was less enthusiastic about his 23.52, but as he said it wasn't a target event for him. Conal Yates won in a well contested battle between the top guys with a 20.18.