Monday, 30 June 2014

Thanks George, your gift keeps on giving

Old George Peabody was an interesting chap. An American who fell in lev with London made a giant pile of cash and gave it away to good cause here and in the States. One of his lesser know gifts was to chip in to the building of the Albert Hall. No idea how much big George (as I like to call him) coughed up, but it was enough for him to have a box in the Grend Tier (just along from the Queen) into perpetuity.

In the spirit of George the tickets aren't just divvied up amongst the big wigs. Instead staff pay into  lottery, win tickets and the money raised goes to support good works. This, going the long was round was how I got to see the Eels tonight put on a blinding show, climaxing with E having a go at playing the grand organ.

So thanks George