Sunday, 6 July 2014

Baby it's wet outside

When I got the email cancelling the Bec 25 yesterday I was thoroughly pissed off. An hour later seeing Cav scrape himself off the Tarmac and limp over the line did not improve my mood. I went to the garage to tinker with my bikes. With no TT I fettled my lovely Fest road bike for the club run this morning. The forecasts said it would be overcast but dry. I am sure the Yahoo weather app is moderated by a crazed optimist. I can hear the rain, I look through the blinds and can see the wet roads. Now, only now when confronted by this undenial truth the the app accept it is wet. But I won't let it lie, making more empty promises with its picture of a little sun peaking out from behind the cloud.

Get on with it man, its wet outside. Get over it.