Thursday, 10 July 2014

World Cup of Equals

Germany and Argentina are familiar names in World Cup finals and the teams they beat in the semis are a huge part of the past. But this World Cup felt more equal. Plenty of heavy hitters fell hard, even those final two had difficult with the so called minnows. It us a globalised game, and it is my guess that this having both centralised club football has democratised the national game. World wide scouting brings the cream to Europe from a cross the globe to be trained and groomed with the best their is. Their clubs dominate the world. But then the winds of nationhood scatter then back across the world. There are no far off talents of which we know little or nieve triers now. Everyone knows the game.
But the works to harm those mighty nations whose club sides bestride the globe. Italy, England and Spain. All gone in the first round. Maybe the secret of international success is to have a weak home league and let your best players fly away to make there living the hard way in foreign countries that care little for them beyond their talent.