Monday, 24 February 2014

Cycling Objectives of 2014 - SCCU 100 god help me.

It is that time of year for cycling ambitions to be crystalised into a proper plan. One of my weaknesses has always been wanting to do it all, TT's, MTB, Road racing and sportives.  The result being a mish mash of a season without much to show for it. This year I am trying to be a bit more disciplined. Having the 2 up TT at the Duo Normand waiting in September this has given what goes before some shape. But to be honest in recent years I have struggled to find a single motivating objective in Time trialling . In 2009 I build my season round an ultimately successful but to go under the hour. Since then, despite some good moments (often 2 ups with Mr Hawthorn) it has been a bit hit and miss.

In January 2010 as well as busting my elbow I totalled my TT bike and my sluggishness in acquiring a proper replacement probably speaks volumes. Given the boost of getting close to the hour in a 2 up on the Bentley course last summer I finally go round to sorting that out. A sub 1.30 in the Duo was a nice bonus.

So what for 2014, what should be my target. 10 mile TT's are not my thing, they are just too short. 25's will be in the brew of course, and as long as I train properly 50 mile TT's work for me. Then there is the 100. I have never put in the 100 ride I felt I owed myself. My best was a 4.38 in 2009. But I had just come back from Dieppe-Marseille, was tired and didn't do myself justice. Given that earlier that season I had done a 2.04 50  I was certain that there was a better ride in me. Since then I have floated around the 4.45 mark. So that will be it. SCCU 100 in July with the target of going under 4.30. There I have said it out loud, god help me.