Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Can a gig be too good

Back in the mid 90's I saw Sleater-Kinney play at the Garage in Highbury. They were pretty new and I did not know much about them. The gig was incredible, they looked so cool and sounded great. Every song sound like it should be a single, and they filled the room with such passion and fun. I went away a fan, but it didn't quite work as it should. The records just didn't sound quite as exciting as the band had been live. Good, but not the wonderful thing I had witnessed. That gig is now a teasing memory, I can almost hear it, but is just out of reach.
This came to mind because I am off to see Souixsie and Viv Albertine at Meltdown on a couple of weeks. I am kind of nervous for the reverse reason, I am so familiar with their recorded selves, but will they have that sparkle still live?