Saturday, 8 June 2013

Great Places to Eat in Croydon - Brunch at Matthews Yard

Matthews Yard is the kind of place I think should exist but doesn't,  but it does. If that makes sense read on. A kind of arty workspace, coffee shop, venue, hangout, meeting space, bar, meeting room cafe place. Its the kind of place the public sector would makes a mess of, and the private sector would never do. I first came across the place last year when the @waterstonescroy book group started meeting their.
One of their most delightful innovations is brunch. A nice range of largely egg based fare, decent coffee in a  laid back environment. I have developed a particular weakness for their Eggs Benedict.  Recently I had the same dish at the much more prestigious Canteen on the Southbank, and the home team wins.
If one is looking for snappy efficiency I am sure the baristas at one of the chains would out gun these guys with their eyes closed. The short queue takes quite some time to serve, the staff exuding an air of discovery with each order. But it is all charming, for now.
It does seem a bit of a lottery when they are actually doing food. Brunch means brunch, don't make the mistake of wandering in for breakfast, and weekday mornings seem to be a no go. But maye if the trade is good they will grow their ambition.