Sunday, 4 May 2014

London By Sea- Sussex CA G25/93

Under the CTT codings G courses are 'London South', I have heard Brighton described as London on Sea and in the world of Time Trialling it can be pretty much true. The G25/93 out of Steyning, having take you up through Partridge Green and down the A24 to Washington heads out to the fringes or Shoreham before turning back in land. 
I have never ridden this course before as a 25 but have horrible memories of parts of it. The last 30 miles of the SCCU 100 features these roads heavily. The drag along the A24 has in its time been a personal Calvery.
Today's event boasted a celebrity entrant in the form of DrHutch, sadly he decided to give if a miss. It's not a course for a moral boosting fast time but it was a decent enough morning though some of the skinnier whippets like Brighton's James Stone were shivering a little. 
Events at the start had an extra level of excitement as there was a triathlon in Steyning at the same time. A poor Marshall for that event kept trying to send me into the transition area when I was trying to warm up.
I felt pretty good, and it's amazing how much easier a road can feel when you haven't got 70 miles in your legs. Steady improvement continues with a 1.04.36. Winner was Brighton's Steve Kane with an impressive 53.