Sunday, 29 June 2014

SCCU 50 The Course of True Love

With the ongoing roadworks around Broadbridge Heath this event was moved to the G50/10 out of Dial Post. Looking at the route on Garmin it looks like a bunch of grapes with the fruit stripped off, a series of out and backs between roundabouts. A lumpy, twisty course, much of it in single carriageway busy roads, it was never going to be one for those seeking a moral boosting time. That said, plenty did just I was not amongst them. Hugh again was a DNS- work getting in the way. Kevin making a return to the tribals following a broken arm gave it 25 miles before deciding discretion was the better part of valour. That left me and Dave Warne. Dave was looking super strong and it showed with a very impressive 2.05.07 despite his visor steaming up. 

Despite yesterday's moral boosting time today I could have ridden forever, just not very fast. Though I maintained the heart rate throughout the speed and grunt to get over the lumps was missing. Came in with a 2.17.20. Couldn't be too disappointed as feel at last have a solid base to build from, and this is the first 50 I have completed since 2011, my last 3 attempts have ended in various DNFs, mechanical, medical and mental related.

Good to see a bunch of Portly friends. Katie Crowe from Dulwich and Val Place from 7  Oaks Tri both put in strong rides, as did James Stone from Brighton Excelsior. But undoubtedly the ride of the say was Steve Kane from Brighton Excelsior who won with a 1.52 despite crashing. He was all smiles back at the hall  despite a bloodied arm and hip. But victory is a wonderful opiate I guess.