Friday, 28 December 2012

Be careful what you wish for -Deporting Piers

In the wake of the recent slaughter of the innocents I did reflect that however heartfelt our feelings in Britain, the Americans probably don't give hoot what we think about their right to bear arms. Yes, it seems incredible that the 2nd Ammendment (I will not get into the debate about what this actually says or means) should be seen as worth the lives of one let alone 20 children. Even more bonkers that somebody can suggest the solution is more guns. However my feeling was, they don't care what we British think, so being outraged is empty emotion. There is enough wrong in our own back yard for us to focus on.

Then, an ex  pat Brit manages to make (some) Americans care a great deal about what he says on gun control. Unfortunately that man is Piers Morgan ffs. The net result is a part of what needs to be a serious and considered debate becomes a pantomime about them trying to send him back.