Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Paying The Piper

It was great to hear that cycling in Britain has been awarded another £30 odd million in funding to build on its success. But I was interested in the comments of the writer Nick Bull, picking up something that the Sprinter Theo Bos was saying.

Because we now have so much resource going into track cycling, is it becoming like the Football Premier League. It is a game only the richest nations could compete against us in? We have become the Man U of the track. We can be challenged, but only by a handful of nations with mega bucks to spend. It is a testament to Team GB that we have got to the stage where this question could be asked. But Theo Bos' point if I understand it is this, if the track is basically owned by a handful of wealthy nations is this good for the sport worldwide? Will nations with more limited resource abandon the sport?

I am not sure if there is any evidence to back this up, but it would be sad if this were the case.