Monday, 4 March 2013

Galicia - Nice Places To Eat in Croydon #2

While the Glamorgan is a bit of a new kid on the block I think it's is fair to say that the Galicia, that temple to Tapas is something of an institution. There was a time  when apart from a few decent Curry Houses, Galicia was the only Restuarant it was worth making a journey to Croydon for. There is more choice now but it still knocks most into a cocked hat, and frankly why anyone goes to the miserable La Tasca with Galicia so  close god alone knows.

I had a cracking drunken works do there, have been for nice weekday treats with my partner and treated friends. The red Rioja is a good workhorse of a wine covers the standards with some left field option too. Kidney in sherry - yum. jonest.

The place may not be quite at its peak. There is a feeling they are pushing bigger portions over quality right now. Understandable, an nothing disasterous But Just hope its not something that goes any further. The service is exuberant, though the banging of pots and pans along with the bawling of happy birthday is a cruel way of marking the start anyones new year.

Overall it is that it is somewhere nice to spend an evening that is different to anything else around. No disrespect to them but sometimes if the name wasn't written at the top of the menu it would be impossible to tell from the food whether you are in Il Ponte, Zizzi or Pizza Express. There is no threat of that at Galicia.