Sunday, 17 March 2013

Milan San Remo and cycling closer to home

It is not often the weather in Kent so beautifully mirrors that of Italy, but today both the professional peleton lining up for the MSR and the 9 Old Ports headin off from West Wickham got to enjoy a long ride in the cold pissing rain. To be fair the pros went a lot further and a lot faster, but at least when we sat down to drink Peroni this afternoon we could enjoy some inkling of what they we going through.
The initials signs weren't great. Lot of the riders had ditched out early and the race was rerouted and restarted. There was clearly some serious bitching about the organising of the event going on. But it turned out to be a cracking race, with dirty faced riders going through all manner of pain to stay in touch with the leading group. Brave but ultimately unrewarded efforts by Chavanel and Ian Stannard. A right old battle then Ciolek pulling off a cunning win. Great stuff.