Saturday, 23 March 2013

The Man in The Van

Sometmes its the little things that make a difference. Yesterday morning was pretty cold and grim for my commute. it was not improved when after only going a couple of miles I felt the growl of a rear wheel puncture. Arse. A rear wheel puncture is a reminder that 'yes it is only my winter bike but it still needs cleaning occasionally.' My arrival at work was now going to be both late and dirty. As I changed the tube, whining to myself about my ill fortune a man in a red Transit hooted and pulled over. My immediate assumption was he would be after directions. But no, a smiley chap leapt out and said 'are you ok, got everything you need?'
I did and I was fine but that cheered me no end. The guy was obviously at work, going through Croydon, and on that road it would have been so much easier to drive on by. But he didn't and if I hadn't been ok it would have been a lifesaver.
So, thanks again mate for stopping, and making the world a better place.