Saturday, 23 March 2013

Lucy Meadows

It is a terribly sad that Lucy Meadows chose to take her own life. It is sad that narrow minded spite stirred up in the press played a part in that. The press has its jargon about this kind of thing 'monstering.' But it is simply bullying, picking on somebody who is much weaker just because they are different.
Her decision to transition may have been confusing for the children she taught, but was unlikely to do them any harm. The same can't be said for the values of those that hounded her. But it is not a story entirely without hope. It appears that her employers were supportive. Something that would not have been the case a few years ago. I also sense the views of the press are a bit behind the zeitgeist. A couple of weeks back I was in a pub in Croydon on a Saturday night. The pub was busy but I noticed a small Trans group were there. They were relaxed, and nobody seemed phased.