Sunday, 3 March 2013

The Glamorgan Nice Places to Eat in Croydon part 1

I continue to mourn the passing of Davy's wine vault that once lurked below M&S. Clearly not enough people were in on It to keep it alive in recessionary times. The combination of simple well made British/European dishes, a good wine list, friendly staff always worked for me. while the Restaurant Scene in South Croydon is strong I do miss this outpost in the West.
Which is a roundabout way of  saying i keep hoping a replacement will appear, and this is what took us to the Glamorgan. What used to be a pretty grim old boozer in Cherry Orchard Road has been transformed into a gastropub. We discovered this last Autumn during the Cherry Orchard
 Arts Festival. Lots of naive art and stripped wood give it a nice feel and the staff are enthusiastic, helpful and friendly, though sometimes not the most skilled or deft. But hey, if you get friendly and helpful one can easily forgive.
There is a Southern African slant offering up dishes like Bunny Chow (curry in a hollowed out loaf of bread) Kudu burgers and crocodile steaks. This sits alongside more traditional steaks and European Dishes.
On the evidence seen so far it is doing pretty well pulling in diners but seemed light on drinkers. This is shame as the bar looks a nice spot and they serve up a decent Guinness.
Not quite the new Davy's but a welcome addition.