Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Sh*T Places to Eat in Croydon

There are loads, and half of then are serving largely chicken based fare.  However that is rather like shoot fish in a barrel, so this bit is dedicated to eateries that disappoint. Places that really ought to do better.
For Breakfast coffee places my baseline is Cafe Nero. Decent solid kind of chain, not super special but generally decent coffee, ok food and cheery service. And of course numerous. So above or below the Nero Standard is my grading system. While I am keen to use small local traders they do have to be half decent.
First up for my grumpy side is Bar Ispani. Being a paperbacks throw from Waterstones in the Whitgift and doing a nice breakfast florentine mini omelette has often brought me there, but my last visit confirmed that it really needs to try harder. The coffee is a top dollar price with a basement taste, its generally expensive and though seemingly staffed by a small army there is a bored indifference in the way they go about their work. Sorry for disturbing your busy schedule of staring into space. Should be a treasure, isn't. Now so massively out gunned on the brunch stakes by Matthews Yard it is probably too late for this punter. Two notches below the Nero Standard I'm afraid.